Twisted Amy

Twisted Little Things and Other Stories by Amy Cross is a collection from one of my go-to authors of horror and weird stuff. She writes lots of novels and short stories, more than 100 publications, and still manages to surprise. If you go to her Amazon Author page, you will not find boxed sets or series. More than 100 individual works, I am impressed! I like this collection because each story surprises me in a different way. Because it is a short story collection, some stories have been published before. Cross acknowledges this in her introduction. Table 9 was originally published as a short story. The Ferry is in a revised version here, published originally as a novella. That leaves five new previously unpublished stories. I have had one minor criticism of some of her works about proofreading and editing. I do not have such a criticism about any of the stories in this collection although there is a useless table of contents that may be a result of Kindle formatting. I colored in four and a half Amazon stars for this collection. “This book contains scenes of violence, as well as strong language.” (Kindle Locations 18-20).