Psychic Crumbs

The Third Eye of Jenny Crumb by Martina Dalton is well categorized as a Young Adult (YA) novel. I have read novels which claim the YA genre only to find several main characters displaying attitudes too old for their assigned age. Jenny Crumb is a well-developed character with appropriate dialogue and personality. She is believable even though she is a troubled psychic. As she ages, her ability to see another person’s flaws, personal history, and possible future increases in strength. It is annoying and sometimes embarrassing. She would love to turn the ability off but has no idea how to do it. The second problem for Jenny is keeping her ability a secret, even from her parents. At the age of four, she had foretold the death of her grandfather, her mother’s father. Jenny felt she had scared her mother so much that she could not let her family or anyone else become aware of her powers.