Caved In

Something Down There by Nancy Widrew is an imaginative fantasy novel of a world that exists very near our everyday real world. Rather than exploring outer space or an alternative universe, the setting in this novel is a cave. Karen and Jeremy are amateur spelunkers, Jeremy a much more enthusiastic one than Karen. For Karen to reluctantly follow Jeremy into Dinky Cave, Jeremy had to promise total dedication of the next few weekends to Karen’s whims. As the two progressed ever downward in the cave, they met Sara and George, a couple ascending the cave’s slopes as they prepared to go home. The couple mentioned that if Karen and Jeremy were to follow the tunnel a bit further, they would discover a waterfall. Jeremy agreed. When the two arrived at the waterfall, they were met by Rahm and Rachel. They promised to give Jeremy and Karen a brief tour of nearby cave attractions. The world of Jeremy and Karen was about to be turned literally upside down.