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When the Spirit Moves Me

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The Remnant by Channing Whitaker is a fifty-four-page short story that costs USD 0.99 on Amazon. I received an author request to read and review the story but due to other promotional blurbs, I had already purchased it. This is Book One in a collection titled Black Band Shorts.

Hazel Winfield liked books and all things books, like bookshops. But books can be dangerous as many dictators and those who created banned book lists knew. Still, Hazel was unhappy to find Jack, owner of a favorite bookshop, dead. Hazel know which book had caused the problem, so she took it from the shop to her home where she could destroy it.

In another part of the world, Gene Winfield was preparing to confirm his position as a failed author. While preparing, he received news that his aunt Hazel had died and he, Gene, was the sole beneficiary of the estate. Gene didn’t feel he had time for such a thing as he was going on a book tour until … he wasn’t. Failed sales figures of his latest publication gave him the time to look at Aunt Hazel’s house.

Arriving in the small village where the oversize house was located, Gene discovered that bookshop owner Jack was not the only recent death. He, along with Hazel, and owner/editor of a local weekly newspaper had all died recently. Gene owned the huge house and everything in it. While settling in, he noticed that in the fireplace there was a book singed on the edges but not destroyed. Examining the book, he found a note that commanded, “If you have found this book, read no further.” Right! Not only did he read it; he wrote a short story based on it. He intended to eventually send it to Pam, his agent but then, without warning, Pam showed up.

Gene was happy to see Pam. The two had a relationship that had long since expired but Gene was hoping they could begin again. But Pam only wanted to talk business. Depressed and angry, Gene told her to leave. She left but did not tell Gene she had taken a copy of his latest work.

Then Pam disappeared.

To find out what powers are at work, check out this short horror, paranormal work. Gene might have to take responsibility and solve this situation for everyone. Do you agree with his solution?





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