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Short Twisted Tales 2

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This is another short story anthology, Twisted Tales by C. A. Hewitson. All these stories, the ones here and those in the first anthology, are available free from Amazon. Not Kindle Unlimited (KU) but free. Excellent writing by this author of stories with unique, subtle twisty endings should assure a readership that follows her into the area of paid purchases.

My Husband’s Amnesia — There are several kinds of amnesia; one type is selective amnesia. Even this type has subsets. Who is selecting what is remembered, the patient or a series of doctors? Sophie was truly a long-suffering wife and many readers will sympathize with her. This is a short story with more than one end; there are probably three. Look at the one characterized by “regret.”

My Parallel World — This is another story with more than one ending. The conclusion illustrates the phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” That can be true even when the other side is a world with three moons.

My Daughters, My Clones — After finishing this story, readers may want to think about the clever title. It is both obvious on its surface and subtle in a deeper meaning. This is a bit dystopian with a nod to the endurability of human trafficking. For parents, this is a story of the sometimes one-way love that can exist between mom and child. There is also a story of domestic abuse. Hewitson packs several stories in this one short story.

The Mermaids Hunger — This is a story of a revolt by the nonhuman world against technological invasion by the human world. In this case, the technology is Navy sonar and what it has done to the marine food supply. If aliens were to contact humans, would humans appreciate the contact or would the aliens be enslaved and dissected? There have been several stories that explore the possible answers to this question. If the aliens were superior, would they have compassion for humans? This story looks at that possibility.

My Sister’s Spirit — This story presents a reality very pleasant to believe in. The cycle of life continues; there is a relationship between the deceased and the still living; there are guardian angels. Those who have “moved on” are available to help the living get through grief. Not always but conditionally. Help from another world is available. This is a story of forgiveness.

As with Anthology One, I gave this collection five stars and highly recommend this short story collection as one with fresh, unique perspectives in all but one of the short stories. Even the exception is good but it doesn’t come up to the level of excellence of others. And I won’t say which one didn’t quite make it. Read all stories in Anthology One and Two and judge for yourself.


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