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Marital Con

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In this third story by Duane Lindsay about Leroy and Kate, It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody’s Married, the couple shows up in Nebraska. Gone are the illusions that everything is honest in the Midwest of the US. Set in 1953, the couple seems to be keeping a period of four years between each “big” con.

This con scheme will involve a racehorse, the betting that goes on in a world where there are racehorses and a watch. Timepieces are important in the betting world. That is how the winners and losers are determined. But Leroy and Kate, disguised with whatever names they choose, are present to skew the odds somehow.

This con goes further than others in that the con doesn’t go well for Leroy. The mystery of this short story is how Leroy will deal with an unexpected outcome. The whole existence of the grifter is to make the outcome unexpected for the target, the mark.

This story has an unexpected outcome for Leroy, Kate, and the reader. Writing more would have to involve a spoiler so … I won’t write more.

I give this story four stars despite the ending which confused me. I continued to enjoy the humorous dialogue up to a certain breakpoint. If this were the first story in the series, I would not read another one. Because I started reading the series with Book Seven, there is still an element of mystery that will keep me reading. I am happy that I was able to read it on Kindle Unlimited for free, otherwise, I would have returned it.


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