Grifting for Social Justice

By its title, The Grifter’s Daughter by Duane Lindsay implies that I will discover some cool relationship between the daughter, Dani, and the father, Pops Logan. Further, both Dani and Logan will be grifters. (The following is not a spoiler). The reader will learn very little about the father in this novel. Lindsay only describes Logan’s character in passing. This novel is part of a series so perhaps we will learn more about Logan in later parts of the series. The novel has a subtitle: “The Dani Silver Comic Thriller #1.” I found the humor quirky and lighthearted. This is a pleasant read about elaborate schemes perpetrated in the name of social justice. The only people to lose money are those that cheated other people for financial gain. Dani and her crew have a lot of fun while following deceptive, if not illegal, actions. I received this book through a combination of Instafreebie and the author’s website. There was no obligation in any way to submit a review.