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Grifting for Social Justice

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By its title, The Grifter’s Daughter by Duane Lindsay implies that I will discover some cool relationship between the daughter, Dani, and the father, Pops Logan. Further, both Dani and Logan will be grifters. (The following is not a spoiler). The reader will learn very little about the father in this novel. Lindsay only describes Logan’s character in passing. This novel is part of a series so perhaps we will learn more about Logan in later parts of the series. The novel has a subtitle: “The Dani Silver Comic Thriller #1.” I found the humor quirky and lighthearted. This is a pleasant read about elaborate schemes perpetrated in the name of social justice. The only people to lose money are those that cheated other people for financial gain. Dani and her crew have a lot of fun while following deceptive, if not illegal, actions. I received this book through a combination of Instafreebie and the author’s website. There was no obligation in any way to submit a review.

Logan is an expert grifter, another name for this is a con artist. At some point, after Dani was grown up, he faked his own death which may be a reason we do not see much of him in this novel. Throughout her childhood years, Logan taught Dani the central rules of constructing cons, both long and short. He stressed the principles of adequate research for identification of the principal target. He taught Dani how to “read” people. Logan stressed the need to involve the team in the proposed scheme and not to just give orders to team members about their part in the plan. Over time, Dani became acquainted with many people in the shadow world that would be able to help her when she was on her own.

Sammy is the computer hacker, no con in the age of the internet would be complete without one. Cincinnati Bob is a documents guy; he can produce counterfeits of anything to include money. Ray, who has a long Hispanic name, is a fan of books and bookstores. One of the schemes integral to this novel will involve books, bookstores, and famous authors. Readers will find a lot to like with this scheme. Patty Kreel is a woman with many disguises and a conviction that her sexuality can seduce any man to be a willing participant in Dani’s schemes. Ace, a person who likes to refer to himself in the third person “The Ace,” is purposefully unhygienic which encourages others not to notice him. He is good for surveillance of a possible target. If a target spots Ace, the reaction would be to avoid him based on smell alone. Merle and Oz are huge, male physical presences. Any con must be ready to defend itself with heavy hitters.

Dani has quite a crew of experienced con artists. Recalling a phrase about honor among thieves, readers should not find it surprising that each person is primarily out for themselves. Dani will have to organize a plan that allows for each of them to achieve maximum profit while the team moves forward to a common accepted organizational goal. There are professional jealousies that frequently occur as some members try to exact retribution for past failed plans. Dani’s job is to keep them going in one direction; a difficulty compounded by the fact that all crew members had worked for and respected Pops Logan. This is Dani’s first independent job conceived and carried out by her. She frequently vents frustration as the crew members constantly compare her to her father.

For readers unfamiliar with the world of grifting, there is fun learning new vocabulary. The Store, The Treasure Hunt Scam, The Roper, The Face, The Fixer, A Raggle, A Flash Roll, and The Inside Man are some new terms most will not incorporate into their everyday vocabulary. This is not a manual on how to perform deception operations but it is informative about terminology still in use.

This is a light-hearted look at one group of people that exploits greed, one of the deadly sins. It fits well into a plot that involves a television evangelist in a scheme with a surprising twist. The Grifter’s Daughter is a pleasant weekend read. I give it the equivalent of four Amazon stars but I will not post this review on Amazon because it is not a verified purchase. Coming from Instafreebie, the price was (obvious).





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