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Bullwinkle Reflects

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This is short story number four in the Meantime Stories series by Svingen and Pedersen. What does the series title Meantime Stories refer to? In earlier short stories of the series, it seemed to me that it meant a reader could read the story while doing something else, like drinking coffee, riding the subway, or navigating a motorcycle through heavy urban traffic while avoiding traffic jams. Strike that last although I swear I have seen that done. Surely it was one of these stories the reader was looking at on his iPhone. With this story, Fated, another interpretation becomes apparent. Following the lines of multitasking, the series title could refer the other things that happen when we are concentrating on bright shiny things. Kindle Locations 31-33 support this interpretation with this line “∞ In the Meantime, anything can happen ∞” at Kindle Locations 31-33. Hence, the moose.

This is a short story that occurs in compressed time so short that the reader will not be able to keep up. Storytime is from 10:15:36 and 23 hundredths, PM to 10:15:36 and 30 hundredths, PM. This should challenge the fastest of readers. A reader will have to appreciate the larger comprehensive situation as well as examine the incident from three points of view, those of Bjorn, Astrid, and the moose. With any luck, we will not have to commiserate with the views of the moose children as we only see them fleeing the scene.

This is a hilarious account of life, death, choosing a God to whom one can appeal, and attempts to not go into the light. It is also a tale of lost romantic chances. And domestic abuse. Finally, it is laugh-out-loud funny.

This short story of only twenty-two pages sells for USD 0.99 on Amazon but is free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Stories as interesting as this are what makes a KU subscription valuable. I gave this five Amazon stars and highly recommend it for its unique organization and humor.


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