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It is 1961 in the world of Leroy and Kate as Duane Lindsay describes the couple’s latest adventure in Scotch Before Breakfast, Pearls Before Swine. Before getting to 1961, Lindsay explains that in 1954 Leroy went back to his first wife Adele, a woman he had accidentally impregnated sometime before he met his soulmate, Kate. Leroy’s interest in visiting Adele is to visit his sick son, George, the product of the accidental coupling. During the visit, there is another accidental meeting between Adele that will result in a third child. The reader is left to wonder about the existence of a second child. And where did the fourth one come from? The reader will be as confused as Leroy.

In 1955 Kate married a wealthy construction company owner.

In 1956, an FBI agent is assigned as a special agent for fraud investigations.

The above is an FYI segment for the reader as the story opens with Adele, Leroy’s accidental wife, preparing breakfast, discarding his Scotch, and assigning Maddy a chore. Readers of the series might recognize that Maddy is Leroy, taken from the middle name Amadeus. The task Adele, a pious and overbearingly efficient woman, gives is an order for Leroy to give son George “the talk.” Adele has no idea what Leroy will say to George.

Leroy has decided on the next big con. Adele is used to Leroy’s frequent lengthy absences. He always comes back with enough money to make significant improvements in the family’s lifestyle. She adopts a belief that Leroy is a successful salesperson. In a way, this is true even though Leroy tells her directly many times that he is a grifter.

Leroy and a group of shady characters who hang out with Leroy for reasons even they don’t know will go to Memphis and develop a scheme to relieve Elvis Presley of a portion of the singer’s riches. A nice plan but things go awry thanks to Col Parker, a fierce protector of Elvis. How about a scheme targeting Jerry Lee Lewis? That didn’t work well thanks to Lewis family connections to Leroy’s friend, something ironic considering Jerry Lee’s family situation. Leroy finds himself alone in Memphis. All friends have abandoned him.

So how did he end up on the Queen Mary with Kate, George Burns, and Gracie Allen? That is what makes this installment in the series interesting. It makes up for the previous installment of the series.

There is lots of humor in this segment, especially after Leroy boards the Queen Mary and meets Kate. Not reunites with Kate, just meets. I give this segment five Amazon stars. The series becomes interesting again.






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