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Starry Nights Under A Radiation Cloud

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Starry Night is a post-apocalyptic short story by Rhonda Parrish. It is a world-building short story. The old world is gone, the result of bombs falling. Presumably, it was a nuclear war because following the violent explosions there was a period called the Great Wasting, probably slow, gradual, and inevitable death due to radiation poisoning.

Her stage name at the strip club was China Doll. Not that she was a stripper offering full services; she just had to get enough to pay for her favorite drug, Bite. She got it at a discount from Ty, a dealer who thought he loved her but even so there was a price and Papillon (Ty’s name for her) had to come up with the money to pay. For Papillon the world had two dimensions; either under the influence of drugs or working to get more money so she could return to her favorite world.

Until Ty kidnapped her. Ty had the idea that the world needed a fresh start with fresh people living in a new place free from radiation poisoning. He had found the place; a world free of radiation but populated by dinosaurs. Now he needed a wife and he felt Papillon was the girl for him. He knew she had never actually worked as a whore. Minor Pole Dancing didn’t count. Securing a lead-lined vehicle, Ty kidnapped Papillon and the road trip was on.

This story by itself is not over-the-top interesting. What is interesting comes after the story when Parrish supplies lots of links to stories and anthologies of many stories by different authors. I followed all the links and most redirected to Amazon. Parrish also has an interesting website which I subscribed to: Although this story didn’t fit my usual reading genre, I look forward to reading some of the recommended anthologies.

How can you fail to like a publishing house with the name “Poise and Pen Publishing?”




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