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Virus Jealousy

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Doll’s House by James K. Pratt is a fun short read to introduce a reader to the style and content of the author’s writing. I received this two-story set through the author’s offer on book funnel. These two stories are funny for their interesting story ideas. After reading these, readers will be directed to the author’s website, where these stories cannot be found. They are free and (I am guessing) readers subscribing to the website will be offered this download for free. The three works listed on the author website are available through Amazon at a nominal (USD 0.99) cost and free through Kindle Unlimited.

Doll’s House is a story about Dave, a guy who is cheating on his wife with a computer virus, called either Virus Girl or Elena. Dave had not set off to find a mistress either real or a computer virus. While working, Dave had been flying a plane when he lost control to a virus. Ground control had quarantined the virus and returned control to Dave, but Dave could not get the sexy voice of the virus out of his head. Jake had allowed Dave to copy the virus on a jump drive and take it home.

Before Elena, Dave had spent time away from his wife in Virtual Town, a place of his creation. Now Dave would place Virus Girl (Elena) in the town and alter some code just a bit so that Elena could not replicate, if she did so it would be an escape from the town. Now, when Dave was off work, he could spend all his time in virtual Town with Elena. He almost felt sorry for his wife.

Viruses can be jealous. There were questions to which Elena wanted answers. Where was Dave all day when he wasn’t with her? Dave gave out no information. Maybe Dave’s wife would. This is a fun story of a man (Dave) literally trapped by his own devices. It is a fun read.

Hacker’s Divorce is a very short story played out in emails between Siren, Bitb0y, and Mancala (who might be a hacker). Although Mancala is not part of the divorce, the hacker offers many suggestions to Siren and Bitb0y to get his internet back. It seems that in the vituperative divorce exchanges between Siren and Bitb0y, the two had been unleashing computer worms that affected everybody. Mancala just wanted it to stop.

And then there was the government.

Again, an interesting story. I found the two stories intriguing enough to sign up at the author’s website.


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