Find Leroy

Hopscotch by Duane Lindsay is a 48-page short story available on Amazon for USD 0.99 or for free through Kindle Unlimited. It has a very confusing title that appears on the Amazon site as Hopscotch (The Rag, The Wire and the Big Store Book 7). I finished the read and initially had no idea what the words in the parentheses meant. How did they relate to the story I read? A search of the Amazon Author page for Duane Lindsay answered most of my questions. The Rag, The Wire, and The Big Store are jargon specific to grifters, people who survive by clever cons that steal money from unsavory characters who in turn have cheated hard-working everyday folks like us. It is not that Leroy and Kate have hearts of gold; they just want to live well off the ill-gotten goods of others. The only alternative would be to get a job. Kate has had jobs in the past. Leroy has never considered it except when the job was in support of a con.