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Zombies on the Yellow Brick Road

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Waste Not And Other Funny Zombie Stories by Rhona Parrish has a mildly deceptive title as there are only three stories; Waste Not, Feeders, and …Oh, My. These are extremely short stories as will be these comments.

Waste Not

She was grumpy at the way her Granpa woke her with an immediate demand to get up and do the chores. He compared her to her dad saying they were equally lazy. She had loved her dad. After a quick breakfast, she went out to milk the cow and check the fence that protected them from the ghouls. It hadn’t been electrified for a long time but there hadn’t been ghouls for a long time. That fact did not deter her from carrying a pistol. When she heard screams, she was happy that she went armed to milk cows. The ghoul had bitten Granpa in the neck. She was able to kill the ghoul and was preparing to shoot Granpa. There was no alternative with a person who had been bitten.

Gran had a better idea. Older people really were wiser.


The world has Feeders and Ghouls and at least one lucky cat. The lucky cat is the narrator of this short story. Initially worried about the desertion of its feeder and trapped in a house without food and little water, the cat escaped through a hole in a wall and went in search of a new feeder. In the new world, the role of the feeder had changed. Maybe the cat’s best hope for a future rested with the ghouls.

… Oh, My

The Wizard of Oz is a bright, happy children’s story, right? This story imitates the model of the children’s story with a few twists. It was an especially good day when a house fell out of the sky and killed the Wicked Witch of the East. There seems to be some doubt in Munchkin land over the death of the Witch. Especially since something (the Witch?) was turning several of the Munchkins into zombies. Kaj had seen his friend Mookie lose the lower half of his body to something, a wound which should have killed him. Mookie reanimated himself as a zombie which terrified Kaj into fleeing to a friend’s house to warn a large group of Munchkins attending a party. Kaj intended to follow the yellow brick road to Emerald city and get help from Glinda, a good witch.

Just as Kaj was about to start his journey, he was bitten by one of the zombie Munchkins; he lost a portion of a leg to the zombie but was able to continue the journey despite pain and blood loss. Halfway to Emerald City, friend Oko joined Kaj. Although Oko was not pleased to see Kaj’s injury, Oko agreed to accompany Kaj whose injury continued to worsen. Kaj could not help but notice that Oko eyed him with increasing suspicion.

Will Kaj and Oko reach Emerald City? Will they still be friends? Will Glinda help the Munchkins? Where is the Wizard? What about Dorothy? All these questions will be answered for readers of this short story.

This is an interesting sampler of Rhonda Parrish’s writing style. Interested readers can click on links at the end of the collection to check out further stories. I liked the first two stories but found the third slow and contrived. Some characters appeared for no reason (Boj and Gabe) so my overall rating for the collection is three Amazon stars. It is available from Amazon for USD 0.99.


6 thoughts on “Zombies on the Yellow Brick Road

  1. The one with the cat seems like the most interesting to me. Just out of curiosity, why do you always seem to review self-published books rather than ones from traditional publishing companies? Do you just like them better or do you like bringing attention to books most people haven’t read, or is there some other reason? I’m generally extremely wary of self-published books even though I’m sure there are some great ones out there, so I generally tend towards novels that have been traditionally published.

    1. Because I live in Indonesia, a country where it is difficult to impossible or at least very expensive to buy books, I tend to look at self-published books because they offer more opportunities to get them for free without the need for a verified US website address. I started my blog as a way to publish short summaries of novels that my students, learners of English as a second language, would be able to read quickly without the necessity of a lot of dictionary work. Sometimes I cannot resist the urge to review a Joyce Carol Oates shorter work (for example) or other authors I believe present works that my students can handle. Thanks for the question.

      1. You’re welcome. Wow, I didn’t know that about living in Indonesia, that really sucks. I live in in the United States, and I’m happy to say I have access to more books than I could read in a lifetime, and that’s probably just in my house. 🙂

      2. I know the feeling. Although my books are primarily on Kindle, more than I can read in a lifetime, on to destroying the TBR file.

      3. Is there a max number of books you can download onto a Kindle? I guess it makes sense, but I’ve never really thought about it. Do you know what that number is? 🙂

      4. Don’t know but I have over 2000. A good deal is Kindle Unlimited. USD 10.00 per month and you can have ten books “borrowed” at a time. There is a 30-day free trial. It is great for me when I review short stories of collections, as well as longer books. I download a least one per day. Last week I read seven short stories in a series about Grifters and wrote quick reviews, all in one day so the cost of a one-month subscription was recaptured in one day.

        And no, I don’t work for Amazon, but for a person who reads a lot, it just makes sense.

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