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The Mockingbird Drive by A.C. Fuller can be a fast-paced novel of intrigue for fans of computer science forensics. There is a mystery that must be solved by an unusual system of reverse engineering. A central object in the first few pages is a hard drive, one of the earliest “ever.” While James Stacy does not know what is on it, he is sure that if he can decode this early technology device, he will find the knowledge of a huge conspiracy that will change the world. James does not have the necessary knowledge to do this; he travels to a small-town newspaper where he knows of a person who can explore corners of the Dark Web and reconstruct information from the drive. Fuller kills off James in the first few pages in a supposed random killing by a mentally ill attacker, hence no spoiler, and the scene shifts to Alex, the chief hero in a series of novels. This is Book Two, but Fuller assures us this is a stand-alone novel.