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Stories That Stick To The Mind

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Sticky Fingers Volume 2 by JT Lawrence is the first collection of stories I have read by this author. This collection has twelve short stories; they are all a bit weird or twisted but not in an in-your-face way. To appreciate these, there must be reader engagement; readers will, on occasion, be required to provide their own conclusions. It is helpful to note that this author lives in Johannesburg. To find out why this is helpful, read the short stories. A quick note about the title (my impression). Why “Sticky?” Because the stories will stick to your mind either as amazing or as an impression of something like “What did I just read? What was its purpose?” If the purpose was entertainment, great, this collection did that. I gave this five Amazon stars for the way it woke me up and broke a pattern in my usual reading routine.

1 Panama Wings         Dwell on the idea that the Devil had something to do with this. He did, sort of, but in this story the “Devil” is only a name. This is a conventional story that surprised only the husband.

2 Gatsby’s Double      Everything in in Richard’s world is the same … but different. Given the opportunity, he should ask Alice.

3 Astrid                        Rebecca was first pleased that Astrid liked the new school but then came the feeling that perhaps Astrid liked it too much. Was Samantha Dalton, a teacher, seducing Astrid away from Rebecca? Not quite. This is a great story about the power of suggestion.

4 GlobeTrotter69        Mr. Belafry, Globetrotter69, liked the Twin Palms resort and wanted to leave a review beyond the usual cookie-cutter comments. Here is an extended exchange of emails as a result of the initial review. The ending is sort of an expected surprise; we know the result, we just don’t know when or how it will appear.

5 Court, Marry, Kill    Curtis loved Monica and Monica loved Curtis. After marriage, Curtis loved Monica too much and wanted exclusive control. Curtis eventually criticized everything about Monica down to the slovenly way she kept house. But Monica could clean up well when she wanted to.

6 Can We Light a Fire?          Children who like to play with fire are acting out indicators of a potentially criminal future. When she burnt down her doll hose at age four, her parents thought it an accident. So was the bathroom fire at age six. What would it be fifteen years later?

7 He Did It                  You have to read this story to the end. Detective Denton was investigating the story of a cop, one of his mentees, possibly having gone rogue and been killed in the process. After a few twists and turns, Denton gets a glimpse into the abyss.

8 Alpha Lyrae             With a subtitle like “A Robot Romance,” enough said.

9 Rockabye Baby        The world of male patriarchy has been turned upside down.

10 Dasher                   It looks like Santa has only one list to look at this year. (Hint). It is not the one with the names of who has been nice. It looks like the only one nice is Nicholas himself. Even Mrs. Gramercy would like him if he would turn the music down.

11 Kakkerlak               This story made me immensely sad. I lived in Vietnam with friends from South Africa. Their story was this story. I read this story in a few minutes. They told me this story over a period of two months. This is a very dark story.

12 The Brain Bleacher            What if you could go to a doctor because you are sad, and the doctor could remove bad or sad experiences from your mind and replace them with happy or pleasant experiences? Keeping in mind that we do not exist as self in a vacuum and that there must be some interaction with others for all of us, can you think of any ethical problems that might become prominent?  JT Lawrence can.

I purchased this collection for USD 0.99; it is a reading experience worth more than that. I look forward to reading Volume 1 and any that follow Volume 2.



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