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Sleeping Realities

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How To Exit Your Body and Other Strange Tales by Christopher Maxim has a forward by ‘Creeps McPasta (anyone think this might be a pen name)? It explains how the tales came about; the seven here are presented as some of the best by author Maxim. There is no single thread or type of weirdness; they are more like a collection of responses to writer prompts or late-night visits of the muse.

How To Exit Your Body          For people who have problems sleeping, have vivid dreams, or have had experiences with sleep paralysis; this is a scary story almost to the point of realism. As a bonus, readers get an instruction manual in how to have out-of-body-experiences. But you must follow all the instructions. Don’t go near the water.

I Discovered The Meaning of Life      Readers who have fallen for internet scams will love this story.

A Diner Open 25 Hours a Day           Given that there are only twenty-four hours in a day on this plane of reality, the twenty-fifth hour must be on … At any rate, this story will encourage you to pack your lunch for a trip rather than rely on roadside stops.

My Wife Won’t Stop Sleep Talking               As long as it is confined to “Sleeptalking…”

The Axe Man’s Lullaby           There is a question here about why a man would pull his son out of school and move with him into the woods near a creek. Maybe he couldn’t stand to live in the same house where he had lived with his wife and son. After her death in a car accident, he needed the solace of the woods and the water of the creek. Or maybe there was another reason.

Never Use Cheat Codes on a Ouija Board     Here is another story where our hero decided not to follow instructions. When the Ouija Board itself tells you to stop; it is a good time to change your behavior.

For overall weirdness and good writing, I gave this five Amazon stars. It sells for USD 0.99 but is free through Kindle Unlimited.



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