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Dark Humor and Mirrors

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Sticky Fingers 3 by J. T. Lawrence is another collection of short stories. Volume 2 impressed me so much I went straight to Volume Three. My desire to do things in order and complete items in series will compel me to return to Volume One eventually. I’m sure there is a name for this disorder.

Can readers avoid comparing one book in a series to another? I can’t. Volume three created a similar high level of reader interest for me as Volume Two but story number ten in this volume, Memory, Mirrors and the World Inside My Head (WimH), stands far above the others. It is a truly amazing story that I would not want anyone to miss so I gave the entire collection five Amazon stars just for that story. Still, the quality of the other stories supports the rating.

1 Tears of a Dead Man—–Mr. Rohandron went to a doctor not seeking a diagnosis but to make an announcement. He simply wanted a doctor to agree. But when you meet a doctor named Folly, would you be surprised when he did not agree with your finding that you are dead?

2 Sky Mirror—–Robin, the reluctant detective, returns once again to make a deal with the Devil. It is not that she wants to, but she has a special skill set that seems to work well with those who try to lie to her. Robin does not always exhibit the most positive of attitudes especially this line (in context it is great) “Even if she wanted to, hating half the population is not a sustainable state of being.” (Kindle Locations 320-321). At any rate in this story, we find the devil is in the kitchenware (not a spoiler).

3 The Shelter—–The Dwellers lived in the Shelter in a closed society for decades until food began to run out. Facing and accepting extinction, they had the solution to all their problems hanging around their necks. For decades, no one had the courage to question the old, prescribed ways.

4 The Children in the Walls—–A story about the love of a woman for her children. It endures in the world she inhabits now; it was not always so.

5 Death is a Woman in a Blue Dress—–This woman in a blue dress will give you pause to reflect on life. You will be given adequate time.

6 Fenrir—–We might think of Colborn as a chivalrous knight who has lost his way. There will be consequences.

7 Lucky Strike—–This could be a mystery. A Challenge to readers. Who is Mandy? What is her real name?

8 The Hostage Situation—–The Stockholm Syndrome will fool ‘em every time.

9 Every Breath You Take—– A stalker tells his story to Subhana. Michael thought he could make Subhana see the beauty of his actions and not the crime that others accused him of. Although Subhana is disgusted by what she heard, she will take the appropriate action with the story. What did she do? Read this psychological profile of Michael.

10 Memory, Mirrors, and the World Inside My Head—–This is the best story of the collection and describes a writer’s life (Lawrence’s life?) beautifully: “I’m not power-hungry, but I am the god of my own world, and I’m not going to allow a psychologist to change that.” Kindle locations 2229-2230). The descriptions of Wimh (read the story to find the meaning) are detailed to a terrifying degree.

11 Blackwater Estuary—–Set in 1579, Poppy’s supposedly magical powers are no match for the vindictiveness of a spurned lover. Will Applejack continue the legacy?

12 Perky Pilgrim—–Finding the meaning of this title will be fun. Those who write reviews of their hotel stays will find this amusing. Most reviewers will not get the feedback on their reviews that Alan Perkins received.

This is another great display of J. T. Lawrence writing skill and should encourage readers to try her longer novels. I look forward to them. The collection sells for USD 4.99 on Amazon and is free through Kindle Unlimited.




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