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YA and Adult Short Stories of Magic

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Worlds of Wonder by Emily Martha Sorenson is a collection of clever short stories that should entertain YA readers and inspire them to read more. This collection inspired me (not a YA reader) to read more in this genre. There are sixteen short stories and a section of author’s notes which describe the inspiration and publication history of the short stories. Readers should not skip this section, especially the selection  “A Phone conversation.”

Rite of Passage     This is a “road less traveled” type story while at the same time emphasizing the importance of family loyalty.

A Phone Conversation     This is a story that has grown into relevance with the ascension of the Orange King to the White House. This story fits so well it is worth buying the collection for this story alone. A young boy wants to make a phone call but gets trumped.

The Spinning Talent     Aria is the definition of obtuse in this tale. And there is an economic truth about money supply relevant for the modern time buried in the story.

 Unicess     I left this story with a question perhaps other readers can answer. What is the difference between a Unicess and a Unicorn?

Cindy’s Fairy Godmother     There are temporary wishes and permanent wishes. You have a choice. Choose carefully.

Monster Under the Bed     This is a story where the reader gets to guess the identity of the monster.

Time Switch     One of the least things to consider about time travel is the spelling of a name. But not in this story.

The Apple of Discord     This is a story of a struggle for power. Machiavelli would have liked this one.

Advanced Precognition     Tanjah and Sarah make a good team. Together, they know the past and the future. Now if they could only figure out the present.

Beauty and Brave     There is an obvious morality reason here. Be happy with what you are.

The Dragon and the Santa     What if you had a colleague, not a friend but maybe a frenemy, what kind of job would you recommend they apply for?

Invoice     There are some bills you should pay on time. Sanctions for late payment are unthinkable.

Interplanetary Edition     This is a story of what happens when life forms from a different planet collide in a television reality show.

Schedule TMTR     This story pushes the phrase “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes” to the limit.

On the Way Through the Woods     Mildred was not supposed to do good deeds; it was not allowed. Fortunately, Topaz helped her out of a jam.

When the Wilkinsons Grew     What do you do when a dragon just won’t fill the bill? This story has a suggestion.

I gave this collection four Amazon stars just because I couldn’t quite grasp the meanings of two of the stories. YA literature should not defeat older readers (me). These stories should wake up young readers bored with typical public school homework. Young readers can safely share these stories with parents.



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