Sexual Predator Lawyer

Rogue Divorce Lawyer by Dale E. Manolakas will appeal to readers on three levels. Published in January 2018, this novel adds another element to discussions about sexual crimes against females. Who do victims go to for redress? Lawyers. But don’t go to this lawyer or any of the colleagues he met on a regular basis to discuss (brag about?) clients. Second, this is a novel based on true events. In the preface, an appellate court case number is cited in support of factual elements. The fictional element comes in when Manolakas details what may have been the thoughts and rationalizations of lawyer Gary Stockton. They follow logically from his actions but who can know what goes on in the mind of people? There may have been thoughts much darker than those portrayed in this work. Third, the title will appeal to any readers who have had unfortunate experiences with lawyers. Depending on the length of time spent on the planet, that is a large number of people.