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Family Matters

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Thornaby Accident & other Dark Teesside stories by Glenn McGoldrick is a 33-page collection of three short stories published in 2018.

The Synopsis

Darling Wife               Preparation is everything and the reader might give Phil a lot of credit for the care he took in providing for Jess. But there are unanswered questions. Where exactly is Jess in the present time? And there is something about birds. They seem to remember where they left things. Will Phil be equally diligent at remembering where he placed valuables? Readers should feel free to interpret the ending to fit their own preference for a lifestyle.

Thornaby Accident      Linda used to call Ronnie “Baldy.” But Ronnie is with Jill now. So how did Jill know to pick up on that name? He hadn’t used that name since he had resided in Yarm. Before Jill had her accident. Nowadays Ronnie didn’t want to see any of his friends from before, from Yarm. It is just awkward. Ronnie had explained the accident to the police. It seemed now Jill had questions, not about the accident but about other secrets known earlier to Linda but not presently to Jill. Jill seemed to get a lot of information from the radio, from sounds that Ronnie could not hear. But when Jill learned about the potato, new problems began to sprout for Ronnie. Maybe it was time to resume gardening.

Losing It                      Alan was old and might have been losing it. The doctor called it dementia and the diagnosis certainly fit with dad’s age. David wanted his father to move in with him and his wife, Natasha. Natasha had a few problems with the new arrangement but as long as old man Alan pulled his weight by doing some of the household chores, no problem. That was how Natasha explained it to David. But it seemed to Natasha Alan was incapable of even the slightest task such as washing dishes. Finally, Natasha and David accepted the inevitable. Alan was going to have to go into a senior care facility. But they all were way too expensive for the couple’s budget.

But Alan could still contribute. Alan had a plan.

The Author

Glenn McGoldrick likes to write short stories. Very short stories. A reader could read this collection before a large Starbuck’s Latte got cold. And there would still be time to share gossip with a work colleague. Glenn likes to take what could be everyday events and twist them just a little bit until they resemble a reality that some of us may face. Not all of us will face the reality McGoldrick’s characters face. But some of us might.

My Opinion

These are good diversions from humdrum daily routines forced upon us. By reading these we might get the idea that no matter how boring our routines, it could be worse. And sometimes routine is comforting. I give this collection five Amazon stars for its genre, Very Short Stories. Read and review a few of this author’s short stories and he may gift you a few others. Or you may read many of them on Kindle Unlimited for free.



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