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Talk To Your Dragon

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If you thought a title like The Angry Dragon by Michael Gordon might be a book for the younger reader, you got it. You are right. What a good way to start the day. This is one of my author request reviews. I received the Kindle download via an email attachment and received no form of compensation for this review. This is an extremely short work and measures only thirty-one Kindle locations, twenty-two content pages, but they are colorful and busy pages.

The first thing the young reader will see is a page with some blank lines preceded by the words “This Book Belongs To.” I think this is a good idea that encourages the idea of ownership. Then we can move on to the idea of sharing what we own.

My Kindle download presents two facing pages at a time. The left-hand page has the story set out in two-line phrases. The first two lines rhyme with the second two; the third two lines rhyme with the fourth two. The right-hand page is an illustration drawn in a “comic” style with vivid, eye-catching contrasting colors and content that encourages vocabulary learning.

This story has three distinct and short messages. 1) Being angry with one another when an accident happens is a waste of time; it is better to talk it out. 2) Not all time is play time. Sometimes we need to help our parents and our friends should understand this and not be angry at having to wait. 3) Overeating favorite foods can make for an uncomfortable sleep experience. The three short messages support the central theme of the story; it is sometimes good to change behavior. Short messages for the younger set and a more comprehensive theme for the older developing youngster provide a nice mix of content and provide a satisfying story ending.

The rhyming element of the story makes this pleasant for a parent as a read-aloud book. I will recommend this to my children and grandchildren as part of a pleasant activity to do with their children. I do not spend a lot of time with this genre but I can see the educational and parent-child bonding value to such works. I gave it five Amazon stars. It sells on Amazon for USD 3.99 and is available for free as a Kindle Unlimited read.


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