Cats and Dogs and Pigs

Time to remember July 2018. It was not that long ago. Stephanie Bond writes something that might fall into a genre called “Diary Novels.” It might not be a genre but I’ll call it that. The idea is that Bond tells a story in installments, one published every day. My introduction to Stephanie Bond was with the series Coma Girl. Absolutely great. My expectations for this series are high. This is Part 1 of Comeback Girl; chapter titles are the dates in July. That makes each chapter a short read I believe perfect for readers who study English as a Second Language. Readers look forward to each installment, interest is maintained by cliffhanger endings, short attention spans are not penalized, this is an all-around win situation. There is even a bit of a mystery about the line at the bottom of the cover, “Home is where the hurt is.” Really? How is that going to work out? Is there a possibility of a happy ending? Readers will not find out until the end of December.