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Cats and Dogs and Pigs

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Time to remember July 2018. It was not that long ago. Stephanie Bond writes something that might fall into a genre called “Diary Novels.” It might not be a genre but I’ll call it that. The idea is that Bond tells a story in installments, one published every day. My introduction to Stephanie Bond was with the series Coma Girl. Absolutely great. My expectations for this series are high. This is Part 1 of Comeback Girl; chapter titles are the dates in July. That makes each chapter a short read I believe perfect for readers who study English as a Second Language. Readers look forward to each installment, interest is maintained by cliffhanger endings, short attention spans are not penalized, this is an all-around win situation. There is even a bit of a mystery about the line at the bottom of the cover, “Home is where the hurt is.” Really? How is that going to work out? Is there a possibility of a happy ending? Readers will not find out until the end of December.

Unsurprisingly, this novel, Part One, is the set up for everything that follows. If you want to know what follows, read to the end of this July segment then read the author’s note. She will explain that there are three stories moving forward. I won’t reveal her intentions.

In reviewing this or any of the work in its parts, it would be very easy to accidentally write spoilers. Because I want to avoid that, reviews of monthly parts will be shorter than my usual reviews and I will be purposefully vague. The stories are fun to read, the humor is clever and in this Part 1 protagonist, June plays herself down a lot. It is as if she knows she has talent as a writer but she has yet to discover her niche or market. She seems confident of the fact she is good; she just doesn’t know when her talent will emerge to dazzle others.

For Part One, think of things that can go wrong in your life. Your job is going badly, your income stream has slowed to a trickle, your significant other is not so significant, and the bathroom tile grout is unbearably dirty. Could things get worse?

Sure. Lots more can and will go wrong for June Hunnicut, our aspiring writer protagonist. If you identify closely with this character, you may never go to Part Two. This is gloom and doom. Bond should have a contest to see if anyone can find one good thing that happens to June in this novel. Someone is even stealing her garbage bags.

When the best thing that could, but did not, happen involves pigs and a cowboy hat … read this entertaining setup. You will probably be motivated to continue. These thirty or thirty-one chapter parts sell for USD 2.99 but are available “free” with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I have yet to read a Stephanie Bond novel to which I did not assign five stars.


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