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Crime Fits Punishment

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Eeenie, Meenie by Willow Rose is a novella published in 2013 and is part of a series: Horror Stories from Denmark Book 2. I received the book free through the author’s newsletter but was under no obligation to, nor did I receive compensation for, a review.

This is a very short novella, more like a very short story. It takes up 58% of the Kindle read. The rest of the novella is a listing of Willow Rose novels and short stories plus a five-chapter excerpt from One, Two … He Is Coming For You. This kind of teaser is very annoying to me and I try to download Willow Rose novels that take up at least 90% of the purchased product. This usually works. It is difficult to complain about something free, as this short story was, but I revel in overcoming difficulties.

The setting for this short story is a juvenile detention facility. Several characters are introduced to describe a setting which includes cliques of bad boys, usually divided along racial or religious lines, as they compete for powers and favors. There are corrupt guards, of course. And the Warden seems to be some sort of psychopath who admires the “Muslim way” of punishment for crimes. A thief loses his fingers. A rapist faces castration. A peeping Tom loses his eyesight.

This is not a Muslim prison. But someone is meting out Muslim punishments. Every few nights a ski mask-clad individual enters a cell and doles out punishment appropriate to the crime committed by the incarcerated juvenile. In a few cases, the punishment was too severe and death was a result.

Johnny, Brian, and Gunnar have lost friends. They have decided to find the culprit and put a stop to the kangaroo court style punishments. The Warden seems to be an appropriate identity for the late-night punisher but the group is not sure. How can they know for sure? The trio has already eliminated the Muslim criminal faction inside the facility as a group containing suspects. It must be one of the guards or the Warden. Johnny has an idea for catching the culprit.

Read the novel to see if he was successful. I gave this story four stars because of the story length. Story elements are good but I would have been angry if I had purchased the novel and it was this short. There is no way to tell in advance how long the story will be. Willow Rose novels and short stories are good writing. Sometimes the presentations leave something to be desired.




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