It Ain’t Horror

Tobias Wade is one of my favorite authors of horror short stories and longer novellas and novels when it comes to horror. When he serves as a curator of a collection of short stories, Wade also demonstrates excellent judgment in the selection of fellow authors. His author newsletter is one of the best to follow with lots of good referrals to authors such as Ha-Yong Bak. This novel, Demon Seeds, has a subtitle: “A Supernatural Horror Novel.” I disagree with the descriptive word “horror.” It is supernatural, more than that it is fantasy, but it is not “horror.” It is also not horrible, but it defines the story of good versus evil. There is a lot of philosophizing which will drive religious devotees crazy. Denying the existence of God and Satan to replace it with another “entity” will not play well in the heartland. It becomes more of an almost intellectual discussion on the nature of good and evil; can apparently evil entities do things out of love?