All Hell the Orange in Chief

This is a repost from True, I could have just posted the link and asked folks to click on it but, for your convenience, just scroll down a bit. The link furnished is my way of acknowledging the excellent work below is not mine.
For technical reasons beyond me, and most are, I can’t get a reblog button at the bottom of posts I like to actually reblog. I click, the blue circle spins, I get an acknowledgement of reblog, but nothing ever appears or lands at this site. So, I copy/cut and paste (with credit given).

All the banners below are safe enough for work (SEFW) and should offend none except the hardcore base. You know who you are. I mean the hardcore political base not the other hardcore sites which occupy a majority of the internet. I’m sure any similarity between the two is unintentional.

The Shinbone Star is a lot of work for not very much reward. We toil for incredibly low pay, craving your “Likes” and “Follows” both here on WordPress and on Facebook. Today, while compiling the artwork for this post, I felt humbled by just how many there are. Scrolling through the banners is a walk down memory lane — a bit of time-lapse photography chronicling our descent into the Trumpian Abyss.

I hope you’ll join me in saluting one of the quiet few whose tireless efforts have helped The Shinbone Star become the anti-Trump juggernaut that it is. Thank you, Skye Hunter, for all that you do!



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