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What am I Reading and Why am I Reading It?

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The Insatiable by Adam West is a short story I read while traveling from Point A to Point B by exceedingly annoying and uncomfortable public transportation. When such a situation is forced upon me, I read to stay calm and not make unkind, impolite, or ill-considered remarks to drivers, conductors, and toll takers. Up to the time of reading this story, I never posted a review from my phone. Either my fingers are too big (this is not a trumpaggeration) or the on-screen keyboard is too small. This story annoyed me as much as the vehicle in which I was traveling, so I patiently danced my way through the keyboard. I had time. The 40 km (24 miles) trip would take one hour and fifteen minutes.

I could not find a point to this story. It could serve as a diary entry if the writer might possibly want to review this day later in life. But, according to the story, all days were the same so at least the author would only have to write the diary entry once. That would make it easy to find.

My short review of this short story, below, was posted on Amazon and Goodreads. I gave the story two Amazon stars because I thought it might be a good high school essay.

A guy got drunk. He got drunk every day with a predictable descent into filth and slovenliness. He borrowed money, dope, and alcohol from his friends, probably to never pay it back. The story ends; he decides to continue smoking and drinking. So what? Where is the story?


3 thoughts on “What am I Reading and Why am I Reading It?

  1. I have to disagree that I don’t always need a plot to enjoy a story if the characters are interesting enough, but I’m guessing you really didn’t like the protagonist either. Onward and upwards to better books. 🙂

    1. The plot can certainly become unimportant when confronted by great character development. Sometimes development of scenes can even take over. Novels set in small towns where relationship conflicts are based on small town limitations are great.

      1. I completely agree! I’m not sure why but they tend to have a very Downton Abbey feel when it’s limited to a small town. Big Little Lies is a great example.

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