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Werewolves and Lycans and Super Lycans

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Tales of Gale: The Dark Hunt by Halt Arklight is a tale of werewolves and Lycans and even super Lycans. These thoroughly bad creatures may be in an alliance with or manipulated by a sorcerer. How can humans possibly survive? In times past there was a group known as the Shepherds who protected humans from non-human entities. Gale is one of these shepherds. As far as readers know from this story, Gale is the only surviving Shepherd. He works with a group of humans whose duty is to seek out enemies dedicated to destroying the human species. Gale is a superior bounty hunter dispatched to areas where there have been incidents of humans disappearing or being murdered.

The prologue to this short story describes the world in which the story is set. There is no definite time in the past but an event happened that unleashed powers from the underworld loose to destroy all humans. Near extinction, humans rallied but instead of defeating the underground demons, dark powers were dispersed and lived among the surviving humans. Three chapters following the prologue are solely action sequences as Gale fights beasts appearing in several forms to include one that is in the guise of a beautiful woman. Chapters four and five describe a growing organization of beasts and Gale’s role and assignment to stop the evil coalition.

Readers of action and detailed fight scene chapters will like this story which might be a prequel for later work. A visit to the Amazon page will not clear up this question. The detailed action scenes can be daunting to follow. Gale and I lost at least one Glock pistol in an initial fight. Gale was probably too exhausted from the fight to figure out where it went. As a reader, I was too exhausted to go back and read through the details to figure it out.

I would not choose to read this as a stand-alone story. Because I think it is good as a prequel, I give it three Amazon stars


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