Good Story, Horrible Presentation

Dutch Schultz is a name known to those who follow the culture and history of the United States during a particularly perverted social experiment known as Prohibition. This boxed set of three novels tells the story of Masie, the daughter of Dutch Schultz, as she matures from a family member school-aged daughter to becoming a confederate in an enterprise she despises. It is not the morality of illegal alcohol sales that bothers her, it is how the violent trade changed family members. Masie despises her father, the prominent gangster. She is barely tolerant of the way her brother, JD, has become the willing assistant and second in command of her father. And she would like to have a much closer relationship with step-brother Vinny, the Dutch Schultz family enforcer. Adopted into the family at a young age, he is not truly a brother to Masie. And that suits Masie fine as she considers another role for him.