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Nerds and Gamers

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Hell’s Nerds and Other Tales by Stephen Lomer starts out good and gets better. The “twisty” parts of the short stories twist and turn in more and more unexpected ways. Reading earlier tales will not train a reader for what to expect in later stories. Did the author do this on purpose? How does he know what will impress me? A couple of notes on this too-quick read follow. I wanted to read more but the only way that is going to happen is to read other Lomer works. I’ll get on that right away.

Hell’s Nerds ***** This is the longest story at 35% of the novel. Gamers will love this story. Neglected families of Gamers, not so much. I had to admire the acceptance of Herb’s family for his hobby. Watch the character of Boo Boo. He is a clever tool of the author.

B.B. and Red ***** This is a story of the love a girl has for Grandma. Not.

A Speedy Conclusion ***** Chief Inspector Mason has a job to do it and he is going to do it his way. Get over it.

Any Last Words ***** OK, you can’t defeat Death. We get that. But maybe we can negotiate.

No Place Like Home ***** This is a common phrase often heard. The question is: Exactly where is home? The question must be phrased specifically.

Maybe God Left Us Out of the Plans He Made ***** Kenny had lots of things he had wanted to tell Mom. For many reasons, things were left unsaid. Maybe now was the time to tell her.

Defending the Wall ***** Have you ever wondered just how much medicine was available to castle dwellers? This story may provide an answer.

A Week Back ***** This was my favorite story because if I have any phobias, it is fear of selfies. I will use this story as support for why selfies should be banned.

Jail Brake ***** Stan should have been happy. His request/appeal was approved. So, the problem is …

Brains and Guts ***** This story confused me a lot. The character names led me to make some assumptions. Oops!

Stone’s Throw ***** This was the second most confusing story. From this, I learned not to carry a tuba on the subway.

Little Ricky’s Night Out ***** Little Ricky has changed. Zac and Dylan have a hard time dealing with it.

Royal Flush ***** This is the most appetizing story.

A Pound of Cure ***** This is an anxiety-producing tale of the scales of justice.

Futurcation ***** Law and Order fans will like this tale of expedited justice.

This is for sale at Amazon for USD 2.99. I read it for free with Kindle Unlimited, but I would have paid for this excellent five-star short story collection.



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