A Moral Dilemma

Mercy by Flavia Ida addresses the subject of who deserves mercy, who is responsible for dispensing it, and the moral question of what the definition

Family Secrets

In Deadly Secrets by Teresa Burrell, we meet Johnny Philip Torn (JP), only seven years old when he saw his brother Gene sneaking out of

Liberal Mom; Conservative Daughter

The Ribs and Thigh Bones of DesireĀ  by Sandra Hutchison is an excellent character-driven novel with a controversial and possibly disturbing theme for some readers.

Murderously Funny

Murder Feels Awful by Bill Alive is Book One of a series called An Empath Detective Mystery. This first novel has three distinct approaches to

Jealous of Who(m)?

Origin Story by Bill Alive contains stories about Mark Falcon, Akina, and the Condo Killer, all characters which either appear or are mentioned in another

Arrogance Rewarded

He Who Drinks From Letheā€¦ is a short story by John Wayne Falbey. I would feel guilty if, during the month of Halloween, I failed

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