Don’t Trust the Pez

The Thing in the Pool by Carol James Marshall is a 38-page short story that I bought for USD 0.99 on Amazon after I read it for free from another giveaway site. I bought it so this review would be a verified purchase. I liked the way the story was told from many different points of view. Edger tells a story from the point of view of an eighth-grader when he is facing the world and his classmates as an eighth grader. This is his exterior, sometimes phony, point of view. There are interior monologues going on as he describes his true feelings about his classmates and himself to himself. This is his honest-with-himself point of view. Other points of view appear. Edger imagines himself as his father in the present and makes value judgments about his own behavior. Would his father approve? Same with his mother. Then he imagines himself as a father in the future. How would he interact with a son who is amazingly similar to the present day Edger?