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One Night, One Love, One Try

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I liked One Night by Deanna Cabinian, thought it was a five star read, and said so in a review located here: I liked One Love, same author, gave it five stars in a review located here: One Try, volume three in the Thompson Lake series, also by Deanna Cabanian is a novel I will give two ratings. As a stand-alone novel, I give it three stars. It doesn’t have the excitement of the first two novels. As a stand-alone novel, readers with my interests will be bored. However, I read the first two novels and if I combine this one with them, almost as if this were a final chapter rather than a separate novel, I give this story four stars. But only because I can relate these characters to their history.

This is a good YA story. Young adults will relate to Thompson being in a labor intensive job where the only way to make more money is … work more, as in longer hours. Merit is not rewarded, sweat is. Young adults might relate to the angst that comes with having two girlfriends. Maybe Thompson has two girlfriends. Charlotte is a safe bet; she seems to like him. Greta used to be a thing before her trip to Italy. She more than hinted in letters that she hoped Thompson was “the one.” Thompson is still in love with Greta but he can’t get around her possible involvement with the sinister Enrico. The uncertainty of this relationship and whether Enrico is actually sinister beyond possessing a sinister sounding name drives this story. We want to know what Thompson will decide. Charlotte certainly wants to know,

There is humor in the story presented through dialogue between Thompson and his best friend Ronnie, a friend who renames everyone with their first initial plus “dog” and attempts to be cool by using excessive slang. There is no such thing as money but a person is always in search of “Benjamins.” This is fine in high school but I would come close to hands-on violence with someone who talked this way twenty-four hours a day. I would at least unfriend them and change my mobile number.

There is no human trafficking in this story. Auctioning people as dates for a charity event is not really prostitution, although Thompson did have that question. But it was all for a good cause, one of my favorites. The Tiki House, a pub/saloon/hangout was in danger of closing due to financial shortfalls. What could be a worthier cause than to save a bar? (On reflection, there might be a few).

Then there is Johnny. He has spent a good many years impersonating Elvis. His life seems to still be on hold in this novel. He is getting old, maybe it is time to make some choices involving change. Overall, that is what I found with this story. It seemed to me that nobody moved. There were lots of hints of possible change to come but nothing was done. This story felt like drifting on a raft content to be surprised with whatever came up. And that may be peaceful, conducive to meditation, and calming but it is not exciting. The first novels had excitement. So my weird, one and only, never been done before (by me) rating. Four stars if you read all three novels, three stars if you read this as a stand-alone novel. This novel will be published in November 2018.



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