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Back to the Duckpond

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In this third installment of Kill Game by Adam Nicholls and Jennifer May, Detective Bella Cruz will assert herself as a police officer and a woman refusing to be bullied by her male boss even though the male boss was also her Dad. Salem Ross wanted her to play some sort of final game and she was going to do it. She left partner Kyle and Boss/Dad Brooks no choice.

Meanwhile, Salem increased the ante by saying if there was no meeting with Cruz he would take his next victims from a nearby girl’s school. Crus finally agreed to meet Ross at the “Duckpond,” the same place she had been held as a girl. Police officials agreed to let Bella meet with Salem if she wore a wire. Bella assured them she would turn the tables on Ross in their meeting. She would then arrest him.

Now that everyone knew where Salem was, it seemed easy to simply storm his location and make an arrest. But Salem had another backup plan which I will not discuss here. (Spoiler). Bella did go to Salem’s location. She did wear a wire, so numbers of police officials could listen to her and decide when to make a frontal assault on the abandoned farm. The only thing to worry about was Salem’s backup plan.

This almost fits into the genre of cozy mystery. There are horrible implied crimes against the very young, but they are not described in graphic detail. Bella and her boss are father and daughter. And finally, amid climactic conclusion events, Bella realizes that she really thinks her partner Kyle is a potential partner outside the police station. Kyle, of course, has long desired a relationship but has been to shy to pursue it even through innuendo. Bella, strong protagonist in love and war, might resolve these conflicts in this final installment.

Or Nicholls and May could tie everything together in a novel that would combine these installments with a few more chapters. To find out Salem’s Plan B and the resolution to an implied budding romance, read these short installments (and maybe a later novel). I gave this 70-page installment four stars, the same as what I gave Parts One and Two. Each of these was a pleasant read. If they weren’t fun, I would not have read all three parts. These installments are available on Kindle Unlimited.



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