Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

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Quid Pro Quo

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The End by Anne Nowlin is a very short story, only nine pages, and is a story of revenge. This is perfect for a coffee break read where planned revenge and gossip go well together.

Kris did not have to be a trained detective to know there was something wrong in her relationship with her husband Jesse. He hadn’t touched her in weeks, he worked later and later each evening, and upon arrival home, Jesse went straight to the shower. He may have been able to wash the perfume smell off his body, but it lingered on his shirt. An examination of his phone confirmed her suspicions; there were texts between Jesse and Melanie. Jesse had done this before, had been forgiven, had promised he would not do it again. What could Kris do now? She would ask for help from her BFF, Nina.

And Nina helped. The problem for Kris named Melanie disappeared. Her husband was distraught but concealed it for several days. When Jesse’s sickness and depression became clear to Kris, she had just the cure. Nina was a good friend.

As with most favors, there might be a quid pro quo sometime in the future.


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