Who Has Baby Cassandra?

She’s Gone! is a 168- page novel by Lorena May about the guilt and doubt of a mother surrounding the disappearance of her daughter, Cassandra. Shea’s doubt about Cassandra’s disappearance is the doubt about who took her. There seem to be many possible suspects. Shea’s guilt stems from her own doubt about whether she really loves her daughter. Cassandra was cute when she was born but the “cute” factor got old when Ben and Shea took Cassandra home. How could one baby scream so loud and so long? With Shea always working at the office long hours to establish himself as a lawyer, Shea had to deal with the problem 24/7 by herself. The pills she was taking for postpartum depression allowed her to sleep, sometimes right through a screaming session. Shea occasionally tried other more physical things to stop the baby’s screaming. She didn’t really throw Cassandra that hard or that far.