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Twisted Drinks

2 min read

Coke With A Twist by A. W. Hartoin is a 45-page short story about an assistant to a private investigator. Why Mercy is helping her father with a case by working in a dive serving alcohol to fraternity brother types is a minor mystery easy to solve. Her father told her she had to do it. At the same time, she is working 12-hour shifts as a nurse. It seems to me the hours in Mercy’s day add up to more than twenty-four but that is another mystery.

The dialogue is glib and interesting as Mercy parries comments and attempts to get closer to her than she wants. Her looks, both she and her mother are Marilyn Monroe look-alikes, are not an asset in her job. In her opinion. Her father is an undeveloped character as far as this story. He is away on another case which is why Mercy was assigned this case. She is working in the bar in hopes of finding Josh, a person who is suspect in either a rape of or in the administration of a drug, GBH (the date rape drug) to Lara Haven. The police might suspect Josh of rape. Mercy’s dad thinks Josh gave Lara the drug, but others committed an opportunistic rape. Josh has disappeared but as the ABC bar is a favorite of the fraternity that Josh belongs to, Mercy figured that he would show up eventually. Mercy, as well as most folks in any form of the law enforcement profession, believe that a criminal’s basic stupidity will solve most crimes. Josh would eventually come home to roost.

This very short story has an interesting twist. I went to the author’s Amazon page to find other works by this author. There are five Mercy Watts short stories at USD 1.99. Hartoin writes longer novels, eight in the Mercy Watts series, that sell for USD 3.99. I found none that can be read through Kindle Unlimited. For those with a Scribd subscription, this short story is at no additional cost. I read this on Scribd, I think USD 1.99 is too expensive for a 45-page short story.

This is a good coffee break short read. I will read more of this author on Scribd. The short novelettes are interesting, and I would give this story four Amazon stars if I posted it to Amazon. I only post reviews of verified purchases on Amazon.


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