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Police Rookies: Don’t Try This At Home

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Monday’s Child is a novella or short story (653 Kindle locations) published in 2014 by Jamie Lee Scott. This story is part of a Gotcha Detective Agency series. This is Nick’s story. By the end of this story, we know that Nick is a detective in the Salinas Police Department, a city in Monterey County. I was attracted to the story because I was a Monterey County Sheriff’s deputy; the county jail facility was located in Salinas, and I spent more time in the jail (not as an inmate) than I would have liked.

This part of the story about Nick’s police career is when he was a rookie cop only recently out of the police academy on his first assignment in San Francisco. The reader meets Nick as he is directed to the scene of his first dead body. Much of the body had been consumed by the rat population of an alley but enough was present to determine the underage boy was probably a street prostitute in the Castro District of San Francisco. As a rookie, Nick’s job was to report the find to homicide detectives and medical teams. If he did any work on the case, it would be done by following directions given by homicide detectives.

The assigned detectives, Rhoden and Milliken, were distracted by another assigned investigation of a high profile politician’s wife. Low-level street kids and runaways didn’t matter. This attitude upset Nick’s moral position and Nick took the unusual step to run an investigation on his own unpaid time. Were he unsuccessful, his career would be over. Luck was with him as he jumped the chain of command and received help from a sympathetic Lieutenant and shift commander.

This is a pleasant short read that readers connected to law enforcement will enjoy while shaking their heads in disbelief. Rookies initiating their own investigations are not appreciated for several very good reasons. I was interested in the story for the scene setting. As far as a police procedural, this is very solidly in the rank of fiction. Don’t do the things described in this story at home. You will be hurt.

The writing is good, solid entertainment but I only gave it three stars for the reality of the police conduct portrayed.



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