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Family Secrets

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In Deadly Secrets by Teresa Burrell, we meet Johnny Philip Torn (JP), only seven years old when he saw his brother Gene sneaking out of their bedroom. Gene said he was going to look for their father, Elvis. When JP heard the front door of the house opening and closing, JP decided to follow his brother and find out what was going on. JP saw his father and Gene outside a neighbor’s house, one belonging to Jerry Durham. JP had heard one shot and now Gene and his dad were struggling over a gun. There was a second shot. JP’s dad shouted at JP to run home, hide, and never tell anyone what he had seen. JP complied.

Years later JP’s dad was in prison, convicted of murder. Gene had become a minor criminal and was in a different prison. JP had become a sheriff’s deputy and carried a lot of guilt for his dad’s conviction. If JP had told the police what he had seen that night, if he had mentioned that he saw the gun in Gene’s hand, maybe his dad would not now be in jail. JP decided to hire a lawyer, possibly reopen the case, tell what he had seen that night, and secure his dad’s release.

But that is not what happened. There is an interesting twist to this well-written short story. The author’s intent was to get me interested in reading her other work. After reading this story, I am sure I will do so. I gave this short story four Amazon stars.

I received this short story through Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie) which means I am registered on the author’s website and will receive further publishing alerts and promotions from the author.


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