Lawyers as Criminals

Lethal Lawyers is described by author Dale E. Manolakas as a legal thriller and that is a true claim but much more so for aspiring lawyers and paralegals than for the general public. The story bogs down early because of the great number of characters introduced. It takes reading through a few subplots to get the relationships of the characters straight. With the word “lethal” in the title, a reader can expect a few killings. Several deaths occur so we have a built-in mystery as readers look for the identity of the killer. I knew very early in the novel that it was one of two possible characters, so I felt a need to read through the slow-moving novel to find out if it was one of my two suspects. I was not surprised. For me, this was an “OK” novel, three Amazon stars. Perhaps those with a strong interest in adventures involving lawyers would give this novel a higher rating.