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Of Horror and Humanity

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The Ones Who Never Came Back by R. C. Bowman is a collection of twenty-five short horror stories and novellas. I like to comment on each story but in summary; No. 13, The Wooden King is very good as far as a twisted horror story. The last two stories are wonderful celebrations of humanity and the ways the human spirit can deal with horrible situations. This is a solid five Amazon stars collection.

  1. Come to Daddy***** This first story sets the tone of the book. Do I want to continue reading? Yep. Here are the first two lines. “You would probably be surprised at the number of bodies one can find out in the desert. You would probably be even more surprised at how often people play with the bodies.” (Kindle Locations 44-45).
  2. The Lake***** There is a “they” we all know about. We frequently use the word to describe a powerful, ruling, unresponsive entity such as “the government.” In this story “they” refuse to drain the lake to search for an unknown yet acknowledged horror. They know better.
  3. Lorelai***** Six-year-old Rachele unwillingly spent her summer at her aunt’s house. She had been looking forward to a summer of magic but her aunt and cousins shunned her so she had to find magic on her own. Then she met Lorelai the mermaid.
  4. Being***** This story is full of beautiful description of world building. Read this story for descriptions of alternative, complex, opposing realities.
  5. I Want My MTV***** Tim thought he was the chosen one. Nope.
  6. Yo-Yos***** There is a reason yo-yos are on a string. They always come back (unlike Braden).
  7. Art Lover***** We have heard life imitates art but what happens when art imitates life?
  8. The Mother in the Tree***** There is a trade. A friend for a friend, or …
  9. The Mirror***** This story will make you look at joggers in the park with new eyes.
  10. Just Like Another World***** The patient can live but the rest of humanity has to die. This story has excellent descriptive writing of pain more imaginable than I ever want to experience.
  11. The World’s Most Exciting Competition***** Finally!! A cure for WWE!
  12. Bad Dreams***** Four-year-old Noah protected his dad; it just took twenty-four years for him to do it.
  13. The Wooden King***** It began with something similar to a dating website but quickly morphed into an ultimate nightmare/dream or alternate reality. Best story so far of the collection.
  14. The Auction***** This is a story about a zoo for animal victims of occult practices. Which animal of those described is the latest, most recent victim?
  15. The Procedure***** This might be an endorsement for over the counter bug spray. Readers can decide.
  16. The Desert***** This might be the most confusing story of the collection. I am betting on a giant bird but this is a reader interpretation story. Great descriptive writing.
  17. The Feral Child***** This story redefines the meaning of a close family.
  18. My Brother’s Fairy Godmother***** Not all fairy godmothers are socially acceptable.
  19. Waifu***** The question for this story, one logically suggested by the title is: “Who is the Waifu?”
  20. Whippersnapper***** Dad confesses all to his son.
  21. The True Fairy Princess***** Tatiana held the true secret to Catarina’s fate. Or maybe not.
  22. Maggot Man***** Sammie could see the Maggot Man because she had the glass. Tatiana couldn’t see him because she didn’t have the glass, When Sammie finally gave it to her Tatiana didn’t want to look. The question is, where is Sammie now?
  23. Wings***** Some monsters are good; they exist to protect. The hero of this story wished he had helped the monster when Margaret asked for his help. At least the monster hadn’t eaten him.
  24. A Recipe for Happiness***** On the nature of happiness, pain, and being human, this is philosophically the best story of the collection.
  25. The Cobbler’s Gift***** This last story is a fitting and upbeat ending to the collection. It is not entirely a twisted horror story. It is a powerful tribute to the power of kindness and love.



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