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Relative Fears

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The Borga by Renee Wakefield is Book 1 in a planned Charlatan series. I received it through the author’s website for free. Wakefield plans a series of books that will all be free. This short story is a horror or fantasy tale of cross-dimensional travel. It is a standalone complete story but could easily be expanded by the author. Many readers will find that they want the story to continue.

Amelia was not scared of the man who stood watching outside her bedroom window. Being scared was relative and Amelia was much more scared of what was inside her head. The man outside might be able to help. When he asked her to leave the window open so he could enter after she went to sleep, she was happy to do so. Mom and Dad might not agree but no one asked them.

The man was Hunter, a person the police would like to talk to. They didn’t initially want to talk to Hunter about his window surveillance. They were more interested in events surrounding the death of Mrs. Richards in the nursing home. She was old but had seemed to be in good health. Just prior to her death she had transferred a lot of money to Hunter, a man in no way related to her. But he had promised to reverse a gypsy curse that would negatively affect her existence in the afterlife. Her family complained to the police; they wanted the money returned.

The police had no one to talk to but Connor, or Con. That is what the police thought of Connor, that he was a conman so Con seemed appropriate. By the time the police had identified Con as a last known acquaintance of Hunter, something bad had happened to Amelia. Police focus was still on Hunter, but the story they heard from Con about both Mrs. Richardson and Amelia shifted the focus of the police from Hunter to Con. Connor has a rational explanation for everything? Will the police believe him?

If I were to post this on Amazon, I would give it four stars. This is a short, solidly entertaining read suitable for adult and YA fans of creepy stories. No sex, little violence, and spooky.




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