Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Mirror, Mirror …

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In Reflections, a horror short story by Cindy Carroll, five friends go on a road trip by just jumping into Brody’s car and driving. Who knows where they will end up? Somewhere there must have been a wrong turn. Or the GPS is lying. Or Brody is lying when he said he updated the GPS. The weather was hot, the car was too small for five people, and hotels were not where they were supposed to be. Margo and Lena were dying for a hot shower. More so after Lena’s cemetery adventure.

An inn is almost the same as a hotel. There was a room for Margo and Keith, another for Lena and Brody, and a single for the recently abandoned Steve. Rebecca would pay for dumping him as soon as Steve could devise a plan. Steve cursed his luck. He shouldn’t have cursed in front of a mirror. He should not have used the words from a plaque at the bottom of a mirror to phrase his curse. Now his better half was in the mirror while the Steve appearing to his friends was an unchained, deadly, baser self. Steve was the first victim of the mirrors. Keith was the first victim of Steve.

Will this be the last stop on the road trip for the five friends? This fast-moving short story may discourage readers from staying at hotels/motels/inns with ceiling mirrors.

This was a free story supplied by the author. Her Amazon author page lists one novel, The Princess Prophecy, and three anthologies to which she has contributed. This is a four-star Amazon read. I look forward to reading more of her short stories.


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