Sample Chapter Alert

The Unknown by Martha Henley is the first story in a series of suspicious tales and psychological shorts with an interesting cover blurb that proclaims: “Live Your Life, Die Your Death.” Stephanie has avoided most social events since the accident that left her with one prosthetic leg. One might think that at university level ridiculous demeaning comments would decrease. Stephanie had decided to re-enter social life by attending a Halloween fraternity party. She would be “coming out” with her disability. Friend Dani did not initially want to go but felt she needed to support Stephanie at this vital decision point.

The party at the fraternity house was held outside; Nick explained that his parents didn’t allow parties inside the house. Nick lied. It wasn’t his parents’ disapproval that worried Nick. It seemed the house was haunted in a very specific way. People with disabilities, those with prosthetic devices, heard voices. The voices delivered specific instructions to the special people that led to torture and murder of those around them. The haunted, singing voices took control of those with prosthetics; none had the ability to resist unless they were in the basement of the house.

Stephanie was not in the basement. She heard the voices. Eventually, so did others.