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What (Am I Reading)?

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The Second Sherlock Holmes: The Rise of Thunder  by John Pirillo is probably a type of steampunk novel although in this case technology does not go into the past. Figures such as Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler come to the present, meet the technology of today plus futuristic technology from a possible alternate reality, and another battle for world domination either takes place or will take place without the intervention and help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

The Rise of Thunder ends in a cliffhanger as a contribution to a series The Second Sherlock Holmes. I did not get a sense of what was going on until I read the Author’s Note of 02 July 2016. There is a different author note that follows which explains the author’s background and purpose in creating this series as well as others in a Sherlock Holmes series. While I am sure Pirillo will be happy with money earned, I get the impression he is having fun with his writing. It will not be a spoiler to note that the title The Second Sherlock Holmes relates to the idea that Holmes and Watson characters can exist in an alternate universe thus literally lending a new dimension to their investigations.

For this novel, Adolph Hitler exists but he is not in a supreme position of power. Even he must execute a familiar salute but with the words “Heil Odin.” Adolph also must act in a deferential manner to Himmler, a situation Adolph intends to correct as soon as possible.

This is a short read of perhaps 20 minutes. The steampunk fantasy nature of it will appeal to those who know actual history and wish it had turned out differently. Whether this end is one more desirable will depend on the reader.

I only gave this short story two Amazon stars. I like Pirillo’s other mashup Holmes stories; a mixture of Holmes and characters that didn’t exist in his time. Moving into alternative reality does not appeal to me and there are plenty of stories I haven’t read in the “First” Sherlock Holmes. I will go back and read them.




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