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Unusual Hair Styles

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Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Face of Death is a short story by John Pirillo. Master Garretson was a strict teacher not completely admired by all students. No matter the type of student, it was the end of the week and all were looking forward to the end of the school day and the start of the weekend. On this Friday, Master Garretson was finally going to ask Miss Carrol the secret of the curls on her forehead. No matter how she moved her head, the curls never moved. He had observed this for weeks. Today, he would hold her after class and ask the reason.

Many people heard the screaming from the classroom but only William Cavell, a student peeping through the window, saw what happened to Garretson as he reached out to touch the curls on Miss Carroll’s head. She saw William at the window but only smiled at him as she rearranged her hair and lift the room.

A panoply of the Baker Street Gang came to the school on the night parents were also called to the school. Garretson had been a respected teacher. All were wondering about the nature of his death. Present were Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Harry Houdini, the Invisible Man, Madame Curie, Inspector Bloodstone, and Constable Evans. Holmes, who had solved the mystery to his own satisfaction, had invited a special guest who would explain the case to everyone’s satisfaction.

The mystery was explained to everyone’s satisfaction, but it was a secret explanation. There was a guarantee that no one would ever talk about it.

This is an interesting short story but too predictable for me to give it more than three Amazon stars. Other Pirillo stories are better.




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