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White Walkers Are Coming

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I am fascinated in a very lazy way by Game of Thrones. Despite loving to read, I have not read, nor am I willing to read, any of the George Martin books. I do listen to the audiobooks. And I binge watch the seasons on HBO On Demand. I am a fan. So, for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales, here is a repost of instructions for participants, her post, and my submission. Go to her website to read the posts for last week. Lots of blogs to discover. And give it a try so people can follow your cool thoughts.

Twittering Tales #113 – 4 December 2018

About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a photo prompt. Your mission, if you choose to accept the challenge, is to tell a story in 280 characters or less. When you write your tale, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale.

A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing a new prompt. And if for some reason I missed your entry in the Roundup, as I have occasionally done, please let me know. I want to be sure to include your tale.

Finally, have fun!

And REMEMBER…you have 280 characters (spaces and punctuation included), to tell your tale…and a week to do it. I can’t wait to see what you create this week.

Twittering Tales #113 – 4 December 2018 – Lone Wolf

New to the Pack
“He just stands there, Sheriff.”
“That’s Skip. Ned raised him from a pup. He owned this place ‘fore you all.”
“He’s tame?”
“Got along with Ned. I’ll call the ranger.”
“Wait. Hey Skip!” the wife called. He raced to them, tail wagging. “Guess he just needed an invitation,” she beamed.

279 Characters

And my try at this one:

Going to the Wall there are a few frozen lakes to cross. White Walkers, being essentially skeletons, don’t weigh that much but they can’t risk breaking through the ice. White Walkers don’t swim. (Sounds familiar). Their friend Jack (London) sent me, Buck, ahead to test the ice.

(278 characters)


6 thoughts on “White Walkers Are Coming

  1. Witty, I loved the Jack London reference!

    I keep forgetting that White Walkers can’t swim! In that case they should make the Iron Islands an evacuation place for women and children, no? But then they would have to negotiate with Euron which means negotiating with Cersei… yep, they would have to kill Euron first.

    The series is amazing, it does get boring at parts, but, my goodness, it’s rich in foreshadowing and prophecy e.g. Sansa killing Littlefinger, Red Wedding, Joffrey’s murder, etc. The writers for the show have butchered the writing in the last few seasons, for some reason the characters are talking like cavemen? They need George R. R. Martin’s help with the script, for sure.

      1. Do you know which source reported this? I’ve been trying to find it online, but wasn’t able to. I really hope he is helping, especially with the regards to the writing, the colloquial language that’s being employed feels very disjointed especially when it’s coming from nobles.

      2. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the source. It was in an interview with him (supposedly) and the report was that he was not in favor of it but had been asked. I am a huge fan of the TV series because I can place the visuals with the character names but with the books, I almost have to create a document to keep the character relationships straight.

      3. True! I do believe that George does provide a list of houses and their occupants at either the start or end of each book in the series? Although, it’s been a while so I’m not completely sure, but I remember a list of house being included in the book series.

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