Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

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Susan Knows

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Playing Flashlight Tag by Jay Lemming is a very short story (19 pages) about developing relationships in a group of approximately thirteen-year-old boys. That is the way it started. There was a core group of boys from families that had lived in the neighborhood for several years. Billy, Andrew, and Joey formed this group. They eventually invited Tommy, a new arrival the previous year. They played Flashlight Tag in neighborhood yards every evening they could. One night a ghostly figure appeared to scare Billy but was only Sean, a class troublemaker, wearing a sheet. When the five boys were joined by a girl new to the neighborhood, Susan, this becomes a story of developing relationships and petty jealousies.

This is an interesting character study. Susan is stereotypically more mature than the boys and when she sees conflicts developing, she attempts to defend whichever boy is the current victim. She will have a favorite and when that becomes apparent, a new set of relationships develop.

There is an ending that surprised me a bit. This is a coffee break story, something you can read when you would rather read than gossip. It is a four Amazon star “comfort” read.


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