Rudolph’s Magic

I read December Magic by Tracey Mayhew at the request of some of my students who told me to take a break from my favorite genre of horror and crime. I don’t generally read romance novels but in deference to the Christmas season, I wanted to try something more in line with what Christmas is supposed to be about. This is an excellent short story for that purpose.

Kayla Jones and Megan Bennett are flatmates. As the novel opens we see that Kayla is about to eject Robbie from her bedroom of the flat. Robbie has a few problems; excessive smoking, drinking, gambling, womanizing, and general laziness. Why she was with him in the first place is a good question. Megan has no attachment but wants one with her boss.

Kayla and Bennet work at Santa’s Grotto during the Christmas season. Their boss is Santa Claus, also with the name of Aiden. Megan is in love with Aiden but can’t figure out how to tell him. Aiden is equally shy and Megan is about to attempt an intervention to promote awareness. Megan has had no attachments for the past year since Robbie. On one of her shifts, she found a lost six-year-old girl, Arya, who she eventually reunited with her father, Lucas. Of course, there is immediate chemistry between Lucas and Megan, a single father of Arya since Arya’s birth mother abandoned her five years earlier.

The relationship between Lucas and Megan is strained somewhat due to Arya. Lucas does not want to be in a relationship which could go wrong and traumatize Arya. A further strain on their relationship is the reappearance of Robbie. While Megan is resolute in refusing a further relationship with Robbie, he has decided that persistence will eventually win her back. Tensions are evident everywhere.

Mayhew writes a good story without getting overly sloppy and sentimental. Her writing is good enough to cause me to take another look at the romance genre. The writing was also entertaining enough for me to give this four Amazon stars. I received this book through Prolific Works and joined the author’s newsletter.


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